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Chafers & Toe Protectors

Eliminate Unnecessary Processing Steps with Products that are Ready to Use

A Fresh Perspective on Tire Production

Traditional chafer and toe protector fabrics must be calendered, bias cut, spliced, and slit in order to produce a strip that sticks and conforms to the tight curves of the bead region.   Milliken eliminates these extra processing steps with chafers and toe protectors that are ready to use at the tire building machine – enabling manufacturers to reduce processing time and complexity as well as decrease materials inventory.

The Milliken Family of Chafers & Toe Protectors

Milliken offers twisted, textured, and monofilament RFL-treated square wovens, as well as innovative, ready-to-use products that are highly conformable, pre-slit, and need no further processing in the tire plant. Milliken’s chafer fabrics are also applicable for flipper and chipper applications.

RTU™ Chafer & Toe Protector – Textured or Twisted high-tenacity yarns that are pre-oriented into bias fabric, tackified, precision slit, and ready to use.

Smart Chafer™ -- Knitted ready-to-use chafer & toe protector strips for the ultimate in conformability.

Square-Woven Chafer -- Traditional twisted, textured, or monofilament chafers, treated with RFL and supplied in large, wide rolls.








Save Time and Materials

      • Pre-oriented on a bias, for conformability
      • Splice-free
      • Ready to use:
        - Provides building tack
        - No calendering required
        - Precision-slit
  • Wound to customer length on spools
      • Adhesion to customer rubber stocks
      • Wickproof

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