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Tacky Bead Wrap

RFL-treated, Tackified, Slit, and Ready to Use

It's a Wrap: Pushing the Limits of Materials and Chemistry

Historically, the most difficult applications have required high-tack bead wraps that could only be manufactured using solvent-born chemistries.  But solvent tackification is costly to perform and requires special handling of solvent exhaust to protect health and the environment. 
Milliken's research and development team has created a new, advanced aqueous high-tack chemistry that performs as well as solvent tack systems, but is less costly to produce, safer, and better for the environment.

Milliken’s Family of Bead Wrap Products

Milliken’s range of knitted and woven bead wrap tapes are RFL-treated, tackified, slit, and ready-to-use.
Regular Tack Bead Wrap -- Tackified knit and woven bead wraps, custom slit and ready-to-use at the bead wrapping station.
High Tack Bead Wrap -- Bead wraps treated with Milliken’s exclusive new aqueous process to deliver high-tack performance comparable to costly solvent-treated bead wraps.








For the Toughest Applications

  • Regular and high-tack options
  • Custom-slit to width and length, put-up on cores to fit customer equipment
  • Ready to use, no calendering or slitting required in the tire plan
  • Reduces process waste
  • Highly stable construction, yet also highly conformable
  • For spiral and envelope wraps, whether in local, spot or full applications
  • Prevents bead wire separation
  • Retains the bead structure & component position during tire building

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