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Bladder Fabrics

For Up to 35,000 High-Performance Cycles

Bladder Fabrics for Improved Tire Machine Productivity

​​Milliken makes tire manufacturing faster, easier and less material-intensive. With our bladder fabrics, tire manufacturers can extend the life of their bladders to as much 35,000 cycles, resulting in less downtime for bladder change and the use of fewer bladders per year, saving both time and materials.

The Milliken Family of Bladder Fabrics

RFL-Treated – RFL-treated for adhesion to the bladder compound after vulcanization as well as for good release against the green tire. Available in four weights.

Tacky Rubber Coated
– Tacky rubber coated on one side, in addition to basic RFL treatment, for easier application during bladder assembly.








Save Time and Materials

  • ​Extends bladder lifetime to as much as 35,000 cycles
  • Easy to apply during bladder assembly
    • Elongation up to 325% longitudinally and 235% transversely for a smooth deployment
    • RFL-treated for adhesion to bladder
    • Optional RFL plus one-sided tacky rubber coating provide tack during assembly
  • Provides a clean release against green rubber to help reduce cycle times
  • Material can be slit to customer widths

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