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Liners for Any Application in Any Market Worldwide

Drawing the Line on Process Inefficiency

​With specialty suppliers offering a limited range of constructions, as well as limited sales & technical support, sourcing liners can be unnecessarily complex and challenging, creating inefficiencies in the production process.

Milliken has leveraged its nearly 100 years of material science expertise to produce a complete selection of liners tailor-made for the individual application to ensure they meet critical requirements such as release characteristics, durability, crease-resistance, and stable selvages. As a global supplier with development, sales, support and manufacturing capabilities throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, Milliken can be your single source for process liners no matter where you manufacture.

The Milliken Family of Liners

​With Milliken’s liners, you can reduce process waste, avoid contamination, eliminate deformation of calendered profiles, and simplify handling.
Cross Rigid Liners -- Polyester or polypropylene liners with extra transverse stiffness for crease-resistance.
Flex Liners -- When a more supple liner is required.
Super Release Liners -- Specially treated liners for clean release from even the most difficult rubber compounds.
Composite Liners -- Multi-layer liners for release and other applications.
Natural Liners -- Starch-free cotton liners.
Impression Liners -- Engineered surface impressions.








One Global Liner Supplier is All You Need

  • ​​Clean release from rubber compounds – achieved via the broadest range of fibers, constructions, and treatments
  • Super Plus IITM durable selvages for long service life
  • Special crease-resistant constructions
  • Breathable and low extractable products available
  • Improved lifetime due to excellent fatigue properties
  • Global sourcing and support

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