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Hose and Other Specialty Products

Where Fabric Formation and Chemistry Knowledge Come Together

Hose and Other Specialty Products

Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG) comprise a diverse group of product ranging from hydraulic hoses to brake diaphragms to fuel tanks for fighter aircraft.  These high-performance end uses require specialized textile reinforcements that deliver physical properties like tensile, controlled elongation, modulus, and fatigue resistance, as well as adhesion to rubber or to thermoplastics.  

Milliken’s fabric design and manufacturing capability, and our expertise in fabric-to-rubber adhesion systems enable us to engineer fabric reinforcements to address any performance challenge.  We begin with fiber selection and careful twisting or other yarn preparation, followed by fabric formation using the most appropriate technology – rapier, projectile leno, flat or circular, knit or woven. Our fabrics can be finished and treated with chemical systems optimized for adhesion to SBR, NBR, XNBR, CR, EPDM and AEM, with an application of tacky rubber, and/or slitted on our precision slitting equipment so that the product is ready-to-use in the customer’s assembly process. 

Milliken’s Family of Hose and Other specialty Products

Hose & Power Transmission Belt Fabrics – for reinforcing or protecting hydraulic and other hoses and power transmission belts.

Aerospace Fabrics – for reinforcing fuel tanks and wing de-icers.

Bicycle Tire Fabrics – for bicycle tire cord.

Other Specialty Fabrics – for end uses including brake diaphragms, molded rubber parts, rubber-coated fabrics, specialty tires.








The Milliken Advantage

  • ​Design expertise in fabrics and adhesion chemistry
  • Wide range of weaving, knitting, and treating technologies
  • Fabric weights ranging from 50 to 500 g/sqm
  • Customized rubber adhesion chemistries
  • Precision slitting capability
  • Lot size flexibility

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