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Conveyor Belting Fabrics

Substrates for rubber and thermoplastic belting

Conveyor Belting Fabrics

Milliken manufactures reinforcing fabrics for two major classes of conveyor belting: multi-ply rubber belts and lightweight rubber or thermoplastic belts.

End uses for multi-ply rubber belts include mining, lumber processing, and agricultural equipment.  Fabrics for multi-ply rubber belting utilize a variety of yarn types and a range of fabric constructions designed for specific applications.  Each fabric is treated under carefully controlled conditions of stretch, temperature, and chemistry to ensure controlled elongation, strength, and adhesion in the finished belt.

Lightweight conveyor belting is used in package handling, food processing, fitness equipment, and other light duty or high-speed applications.  Milliken specializes in “cross-rigid” constructions that use yarns selected to impart lateral stiffness across the fabric, helping the finished belts track true and avoid creasing or folding.  These fabrics may be supplied in loom state, heatset, or finished with adhesion-promotion chemistry.

Milliken’s MRG Family of Products

Rubber Conveyor Belting-- for reinforcing multi-ply rubber conveyor belts for mining and other heavy-duty applications.  Milliken manufactures polyester x polyester (EE), polyester x nylon (EP), nylon x nylon (PP), as well aramid belting fabrics.  Weights range from  420 gsm to 1070 gsm.  Milliken also manufactures breaker fabrics. 

Lightweight Conveyor Belting -- precision-woven fabrics for lightweight thermoplastic and rubber belting for multiple applications including package handling, food processing, and fitness equipment.  Special cross-rigid constructions for belt stability under operating conditions are available.








The Milliken Advantage

  • Design expertise in fabrics and adhesion chemistry
  • Multiple fabric formation technologies suited for industrial applications
  • Heavy-duty stretch treatment capacity, for controlled
    elongation in the finished product
  • Customized rubber adhesion chemistries
  • Cross-rigid constructions for lightweight belting
  • Ability to extrude monofilament yarn in a variety of diameters and polymer types for cross-rigid belting applications
  • Flexible equipment allowing small lot sizes and rapid lead times

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