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Automotive Foam Reinforcement Fabrics

Protecting automotive interior foam parts

Automotive Foam Reinforcement Fabrics

Automotive seats and seat backs contain foam cushions for comfort.   This foam requires cut and wear protection from seat suspension systems and from mechanical/protective components such as inset airbag modules.  Milliken manufactures fabrics to reinforce and insulate foam.  These fabrics also find application as laminating substrates for certain upholstery materials to help control conformability.

Milliken’s Automotive Foam Reinforcement Family of Products

Polyester foam protection fabrics for cost effective service.  Weight range from 30 to 60 gr/m².  Fabrics stabilized with standard or Flame Retardant treatment  (ISO 3795, FMVSS 302).








The Milliken Advantage

  • OEM-approved fabrics.
  • Fulfill fogging, carbon emission, formaldehyde and odor requirements of automotive industry.
  • Short lead times.
  • Wide rolls, or slit to narrow widths.

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