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Specialty Cord

High-Performance Cords Optimized for Any Hose Performance Challenge

If You Envision It, We Can Build It

​Milliken integrates multiple twisting technologies, solvent and aqueous treating lines, an international R&D organization, and our new single-end prototype treater to offer a full suite of capabilities for developing and manufacturing specialty cords.

The Milliken Family of Specialty Cords

Aramid Cord - For two-wheeler as well as racing and other speciatly tire applications.

Hybrid Cord – PA/Aramid hybrids for cap ply.

Nylon Cord – 940/2, 1400/1/2, 1400/1.

Conductive Cord – Treated for electrostatic discharge.








Custom-Engineered Cords for Diverse Applications

  • Consistently excellent quality for downstream processability and property retention
  • Metered packages
  • Twist evenness
  • Integrated development & manufacturing capability
  • A complementary product offering of tire and MRG reinforcements and processing aids

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