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Power Transmission Belt Cord

For Stronger Belts that Excel in Tough Operating Environments

Meeting the Needs of an Increasingly Dynamic Cord Market

Smaller, hotter engine compartments; the need for oil resistance; new start-stop systems that can increase stress on belts – these are the evolving challenges facing the automotive belt market. Milliken helps belt makers meet increasingly demanding operating environments with power transmission belt cords customized to exacting specifications.
With a prototype-scale cord treater capable of applying the full range of treating conditions and chemistries on a single cord end at a time, Milliken is enabling our customers to quickly and cost effectively develop and commercialize cords and treatments that will support new applications and keep pace with industry changes.

The Milliken Family of Power Transmission Belt Cords

Stiff Cord  -- Polyester, Polyamide 4,6 & 6,6, and Aramid constructions, solvent-treated for yarn bundle integrity under demanding operating conditions.  Cord constructions ranging from 940dtex/1/2 up to 60,000dtex.

Soft Cord -- Polyamide cord for elastic belts.








Customized to Specifications

  • Customized adhesion chemistry for EPDM, SBR, HNBR, CR
  • Stiff and soft cord capability (both fine and heavy titres)
  • Stiffness levels as required from high to semi- to soft
  • Solvent-applied rubber cement overcoats
  • Adhesion-promotion chemistries
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities

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