Hose Cord

Cords and Adhesion Chemistries Designed for Harsh Environments

Versatility and Capability to Meet Changing Needs

Milliken applies its expertise in cord treatment processes and chemistry to design high-performance cords optimized to meet the latest hose performance challenges.  Milliken develops and evaluates these new cords on its prototype-scale equipment, and then commercializes the products onto a range of highly capable industrial-scale treating lines.

The Milliken Hose Cord Family of Products

Milliken manufactures treated cords for automotive brake, power steering, air conditioning, fuel, and turbo hoses.  Milliken also produces treated cords for industrial low- and mid-pressure hydraulic hoses.

Twisted & Treated Cords  --  Fiber types include Rayon, PVA, Polyester, Polyamide, and Aramid; customized adhesion treatments; customized put-ups.

Adhesion Chemistries --   Formulated adhesion chemistries in bulk totes.








Optimized for Specific Applications

  • Excellent adhesion and dynamic performance
  • RFL adhesion systems
  • Isocyanate adhesion systems
  • Adhesion customized to rubbers and elastomers including VP, CR, HNBR,  ACM, and Silicones
  • Easy to use – Milliken solvent-applies rubber cement
  • Precision-wound onto cores or braiding cones, offering controlled unwinding tension

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