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Roofing, Tape and Industrials

Engineered Constructions to Fit Your Needs

Unique Capabilities  for Customizable Solutions

​Milliken has a wide range of fabric formation technologies ideal for creating a reinforcement fabric to fit your needs.   Whether  the application is for building materials, tape, or printing blankets, our team of associates will work with you to  engineer a textile that will fit your needs.

The Milliken Family of Reinforcement Fabric Constructions

Weft Insertion Warp Knitting -- An economical construction for many applications, including roofing, signage, composites, and tape.
Stabilon® Laid Scrim – open constructions for an extensive range of applications, including roofing, laminates, kraft, flex duct, and facers.
Wovens – specially selected fibers and yarns are woven together to create fabrics  that are perfectly smooth, for printing blankets, or at  the appropriate strength for a wide variety of tape applications, including duct, medical, sports, and wire harness. 








Engineered Materials

  • Variety of fabric formation technologies that can be adapted for various applications
  • Finishing and coating capabilities
  • Experienced technical service and development associates

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