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Sustainability - Milliken takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.


People, Products and Processes that Do Good

Reinforcements Sustainability

Milliken strives to create products that “do good” by improving health and safety, adding value to daily lives and supporting sustainability. Some examples of how Milliken's reinforcement products are making a difference include:
  • Dramatically improving manufacturing processes. Milliken's reinforcements reduce the number of manufacturing steps, and reduce labor and energy resources needed by enabling products to be made faster and more efficiently.
  • Products that are less material-intensive. Our ready to use reinforcements means less rubber is needed in production. Tires made with our reinforcements have significantly less rolling resistance, improving the fuel economy of vehicles, and other rubber goods maintain strength but are lighter weight, saving transportation costs and resources.
  • More environmentally-friendly technologies. Our aqueous chemistries have the same performance as solvent-based technologies, but are much less costly to produce. These technologies are also much safer to handle and better for the environment overall.
  • Increasing the lifetime of key components. Producers can extend the life of their bladders to as much 35,000 cycles, resulting in less downtime for bladder change and the use of fewer bladders per year, saving both time and materials.


MilliCap is Helping Save Fuel

MilliCap is not only transforming the way tires are made, but is positively impacting fuel efficiency with tires that use less rubber and have less rolling resistance.