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Reinforcement Innovation

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Innovation at Milliken

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Global Research & Development in Reinforcements

As a key component of our reinforcements innovation strategy Milliken has research and development associates dedicated to these product lines in LaGrange, GA, Spartanburg, SC and Gent Belgium.

Testing and Prototyping

In addition to industry standard equipment and testing, Milliken has state of the art equipment designed specifically for testing the physical properties of reinforced mechanical rubber goods. 
  • Bose® ElectroForce® Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer – Allows Milliken associates to precisely monitor the stress, strain & fatigue properties of rubber systems at elevated temperatures in a dynamic mode with real time force measurement.
  • Bogimac Bend-Over-Sheave Shoeshine Tester – Allows Milliken associates to measure the dynamic flex fatigue performance of reinforcements within rubber compounds in a tension-compression mode through a wide variety of conditions.
  • Single end cord treating facility located in St. Julien, France with prototype cord treatment capability, including both aqueous and solvent coating technologies.

Bose® ElectroForce® Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Bogimac Bend-Over-Sheave Shoeshine Tester


Single end cord treating facility located in St. Julien, France